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    winstrol 7weeks...

    Hey guys,,
    I have gyno. I'm 235lbs at 16%. I am currently working on getting bodyfat lower, after that, on submaintence cals I wanted to run winny at 30mg for 7 weeks. Any thoughts on this? Don't want my gyno worse thats why I picked winstrol , was thinking of running a-dex at a day just to be on the safe side with nolvadex on hand(but I really think its uncalled for). Just want some thoughts on test...I get gyno looking at it.

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    First of all you chould always run test. Ok since were past that.

    No need to run liquidex or arimidex since winstrol cant convert to estrogen.
    You shouldnt run the winny for 7 weeks at that low a dosage but instead at 50mg ed for 6 weeks.
    You wont see much fat loss from winny, may want to check your diet and increase cardio.

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    UMMMMMM, first of all, sorry to hear about your gyno. Second of all, if you're doing just winstrol because of no injections than I'd say it's a bad idea. I plan on doing the same thing as you eventually, but with primo and winstrol for 8 weeks along with pct, just for maintenance, like once a year. As for using arimidex , I don't think so, it's a waste of money with winny.

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