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    1st cycle, 1st issue.. quick question!

    well im about 10 weeks into my first cycle (sust250 3/4cc EoD) and im up about 15 pounds which could have been better.. but im not disapointed. Ill readily admit my training and diet have been off badly due to crazy OT. I still train, just not as hard.. and i eat whatever i can, whenever i can.. so i definetely put on my share of bodyfat (courtesy of overabundance of estro right?) Nonetheless.. i noticed early on im extremely gyno sensitive so began taking nolvadex ED which alleviated the symptoms quite nicely. Problem is i ran out.. so A) the symptoms will come back and B) i wont have any for PCT. So i went on AR and ordered another bottle saturday night... I was extremely impresssed to find it on my doorstep today =) SO i open it up and whats inside... surely not tamox... letrozole . So... i have heard a bit about letro and that its more powerful than nolvadex/tamox?? Does it work in the same fashion? Can i substitute letro for nolvadex for my pct?
    Thanks ahead of time!

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    No you shouldnt take the letro, first it takes 2 weeks to start working so you could easily get nolv by then. Second its not the same as nolv. It stops estrogen from being formed compared to nolv which doesnt allow estrogen to bind. Eamil them and have them send you a new package asap

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    ok will do.. thank you for the info!

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    I agree, I'd order nolva (your gonna need it for PCT anyway). And quit making excuses for not training and eating like you need to. I doubt you keep but 5-8lbs of your gains. The increased estrogen makes you hold water, your shitty diet makes you fat.

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