OK i wanted to know if you think i should take dnp ? my other alternative is the cycle listed below. my goal is the burn fat and lower my bf %
what should i do. I'm a pretty busy person between school, work, and i'm a family man so it's hard for me to get more than 3 days at the gym.
would greatly appreciate help thanks.

This my cutting cycle. I'm 5'10 210lbs about 113-14%bf
Feel free to add anything to improve my cycle. Thanks for your help.

winstrol - 50mg eod for 8wks
clen - 100-140mcg every day for 8wks. 2 wks on and 2wks off
t3- days 1-5 25mcg a day
6-10 50mcg a day
11-15 75mcg a day
16-20 100mcg a day
21-25 75mcg a day
26-30 50mcg a day
31-35 25mcg a day