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    should i take one test with deca??

    ok, today is week 2 of my deca cycle thisis what im gonna do
    Week1 300mg
    week 2 350mg
    week3 400mg
    week 4 400 mg
    week 5 450mg
    week7 350mg

    Im goin to throw in some winny with that i think, but im not sure, but i ordered some 1 testosterone not the precursor but the real stuff, is it ok if i use some of it with my cycle?? oh yah some of my dosages may change i just need to see how well its working. So should i go ahead and use the 1test with it??

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    1 testosterone ? is this a pro-hormone. throw me a frickin bone here people.

    yes, it's ok to use winny with your cycle - preferrably 50 mg's ED (every day)

    is this a deca only cycle ?? watch out for the dreaded "deca dick". IMO, i think you should have stacked it with something before you started shooting yourself. also, why the change in amounts ?? why not just keep it a normal level (say 300, or 400) throughout the whole cycle and run it for 8 - 10 (preferrably 10) instead of the 7 you have planned out.

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    actually one test isnt a prohoromone it is a actually what 1ad is a precursor. Based on experience what would be a good steroid to towards the end ot get harder, and more ripped, because im sure i will retain some water.

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