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    so this is my 6th week of my cycle. weeks 1-4 dbol 40mg/day and weeks 1-12 500mg sust/ week (clomid for pct). i eat enough and workout like a madman. however, i have had trouble keeping a regular injection schedule. instead of doing thursday and sunday injections of 250mg sust i do like 250mg injections every 5,6 or 7 days. this has been do to my hectic schedule with rugby and school and the fact that i have had issues with intense inflamation of my muscles after injections (i.e. heavy scar tissue build up). what are the drawbacks and consequences of my irregular injection schedule? how important is it to be consistent with a substance like sust 250? i've already gained 15 lbs since i began the cycle and have been off dbol for 2 weeks. can i expect similar results now that i have discontinued dbol?

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    dbol causes water retention big time for me.

    Regarding injeciton schedule, it is very important to maintain a regular schedule. The reason is due to half-lives of the gear you are using. Without consistent, constant injections, your hormone levels will be all over the place. Makes you much more susceptible to side effects, gyno, and possible even harder time recovering.

    It's your body though. Maybe putting the cycle off till your schedule permits doing it correctly would be an idea to consider?



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