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    test/deca cyle after anavar

    Hey bros new to the forum and I have a question. My friend is on his 8th week of a 80mg/ed var only cycle. He has gotten great strength gains and wants to continue into a test/deca cycle to add mass. Is it effective to roll into it with it only being var or should he go by the time on time off rule? He is 26 been training since 18 and is 6'2 235 and has multiple cycles under his belt. He is planning on 200 mg cyp and 300 mg deca.

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    Welcome to AR, as far as the cycle he needs to do PCt, the time on=time off and that's after the PCT time. tell him not to do it


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    Deca /Test doses are out of whack also-but as with Johhny-Take some time off for PCT.

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