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    Help with appetite?????????????

    Ok, I am in my 3rd week of test-cyp.400mg a week, first ever cycle. I dont seem to be as hungry? I beleive I have rad that B-12 works for this? if so will any B-12 work like tablets and how much?


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    This is a shiatty prolem, sometimes you just about have to force feed yourself. I have heard something like that about b-12, but never tried so I can't say. For me I eat until I can't stand it, then wait awhile and eat somemore, it sux but it's what I have to do.

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    For me eating on cycle is the hardest part... my appetite always seems diminished by the gear... I just force feed myself, and throw in extra shakes when i just can't eat anymore.... it's easier to drink a 1000 cal shake then eat a 1000 cals of food when u are already stuffed.... I think the b-12 wld have to be injectable and the effects are debatable... The only thing that has really pumped my appetite up has been IGF.... I can't get enuff to eat, i stuff my face all day.... but that shit is expensive..200 bucks for 2 weeks of it...

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    EQ and b12 should cure this

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