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Thread: need advise

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    need advise

    hi there, Ok this might spin some of you out but you get that. I'm a Female to male transexual. I was born a female now live as a man. I have had chest surgery to make a male looking chest and I take 176mg of sustanon 250 every 12 days as part of my transition. If you passed me in the street you would never know. Ok steroid question. I can get sustanon 250 as I have scripts for it. I want to take it more offen to get bigger. IM not sure how offen or how much or how to get other things to take in conjunction.
    I was also wondering if any female body builders out there have advise for me as technicaly as much as i hate it my body is still female on the inside. I have as yet not had any lower surgery. Im not interested in competing in bodybuilding comps. Just want to get bigger with out to much risk to my health.

    thanx Rider79

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    as u said it seems somthing very medical & this trasformatrion will happen gradually increasing ur dose will not speed it up on the conterary it may leads 2 some problems for u soo keep checking ur doc he will guide u better

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