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    B6 and B12 the difference

    What is the difference? Should I take B6 instead of B12 for a test, tren cycle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRNMAD
    What is the difference? Should I take B6 instead of B12 for a test, tren cycle?
    2 diff. vitamins. B-6 will help stimulate appetite when on a cycle & does other things as well that i cant remember. b-12 is good for the red blood cells & helps in building muscle by creating oxygen in the system for healthy production of blood flow. also b-12 helps in liver funtions. u should take both when on a cycle. it wont hurt to take them off either. take care...

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    B6 is used to keep prolactin levels lowon cycles that incluse tren , fina, deca ......... some pregnat women after birth are given B6 to help keep them from producing milk or lactating.

    B12 is said to help increase hunger............

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    Just follow good diet and take a multi vitamin with b6 & b12. No need for injections.

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