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    Tren + Bicep = Ouch!!!

    Damn. I just took .75mL in the bicep and not long after it started to sting like a mother . Now an hour later any time I flex, stretch or massage it burns . I am guessing this is normal because of the BA and tren , because my test didnt even sting at all, just sore the next day. But how long should I wait before hitting the gym? The way this stings it looks like I am going to skip arms today. You guys ever spot inject on the muscle you will be working that day?

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    Biceps and calfs are a big NoNo....

    Yes on your question,but just front/middle/back delts and quads preworkout.

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    I inject tren into my bi's, tri's, pecs, delts and calves all the time, just not right before I train them. I usually cut it with prop. in the same pin.

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