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Thread: new cycle help

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    new cycle help

    There's so much info and opinions to drive you crazy.. I need some advise from some ppl with experience.. I have done a few cycles before and had very good results.. I just want to make sure I am doing things the rite way..

    Now(6'0 155lbs 22 years old)

    I used Nanralone decanoate with test cypionate at a very low dosage before..
    I was taking 200ml of deca every 10 days and 400ml of test cyp per week. I did this for about 2 months. I worked out 5 days a week very hard, slept 8 hours a day and drank lots of water and ate right. I gained about 20 pounds over my original weight(up to 175lbs). I took clomid for about 2 weeks.
    I found the deca worked very well with me. I loved it , I could heal faster and work harder, and the test gave me the extra strength.. The clomid i didnt like, it made me all emotional and stressed out , so i cut it short before i jumped of a building lol.. Its been about a year since then and Im back to my original size.. I coulndt keep working out due to an injury.

    okay Im all healed up. I need some advice on a cycle and a PCT for the use of Deca with a testosterone .. the brand of choice is (cytex labs) I want to gain weight and I also train in thai boxing.. Im kinda leaning to the least amount of juice as possible and the rest i can make up with extra work.

    I need a cycle and a PCT. thanks for reading
    .Basicly what i need to know is...
    1.whats the least amount if deca/test that i can take for the least amount of time that wont just be a waste.
    2.whats the best things to do to avoid the side effect of deca .(what do i take with it)
    3.whats the best PCT

    sorry for any hassle I was reading some other forums and the experts said just to list what u wanna do
    *gain weight
    *heal up joints/muscles
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    Back from the dead.....
    week 1-15 test e or c 500mgs/week
    week 1-12 deca 400mg/week
    take some b-6 while on deca and run some nolva during the whole cycle if u r worried bout bloat or gyno.... then do a full pct. u have to deal with the clomid making u feel like a woman... i hate it but its gotta be done...

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    You should try to train natural until you hit the weight your were at before your injury........ JMO but AAS should be way down on the list.... instead get your weight back through diet and training.

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    yeah Its hard for me to keep weight on i have a high metabolism. Deca gave me alot of weight and made me feel pretty good before.. what is this stuff called Dostinex .? I heard of pple using it while on deca... thanks for the input

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