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    Deca and Winstrol


    Have anyone tried runing only deca and winstrol ? I know that many will say that test is needed.

    1-8 week:deca 400mg
    1-8 week Winstrol 50mg

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    if u dont wanna run test at all then eq & winny will b better buit not for 8 weeks only with eq

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    Oct 2005
    My first cycle was deca /winny. I put on 12 pounds and kept it all. Had some libodo problems with it, but not to bad. Winny is pretty effective blocking progestin sides, so deca will show less sides like bloating, prog-gyno and impotence when stacked with winny. If you dont want test in this cycle you should def. take proviron with it.
    ( I would switch the deca with primo.)

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    I kept about 12 out of 20 lbs with that cycle a long time ago. The only sides I got was terrible acne post cycle, but thats just me. I also ran b-6 through out and Igf with my pct. I probably would have kept more but I cracked a few ribs with a week to go on my cycle. I wouldnt recomend this cycle to any one. I believe I may belong to a small percentage of people that do not suffer from deca dick or hard crashing from cycling with out test. But after learning the FACTS about AS through research I wont even think of trying that again.
    good luck

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    Kinda in the same boat with this question ... was thinking Decca and winny but switching to Eq and winny. But my question is when is a good time to add the winny with a 12 week Eq at 500 - 600mg?

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