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    Red face how many weeks with deca?

    My doctor recommends me to take 50mg of deca every two weeks,until 250mg(ten weeks).I've read many of the tips people posted and I think it's a small dose. I don't wanna take other anabolic product,but I want to optimize just deca effects...I also have another problem,I'm frightened to put myself the injections!
    so, my answer is what you recommend?I've that will be fine if I take 200 mg of deca a week,but how many weeks?
    Thank you!(I'm sorry about my english...)

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    is this ur first cycle if ur answer is yes then u can go with test only @ 500 mg ew for 12 weeks splite the shoots on 2 shoots weekly

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    Shots arn't bad. Man up. I work in a hospital. I had to learn how to do IV's. I practiced on myself.

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    Its not ad at all. The first time is the scariest, but after that you will be fine. If anything just get someone to do it for you.

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