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    Awesome Results?


    Thanks to all the info/feedback, I am about to embark on my first cutting cycle... However, I am a little confused as to what I can accomplish...

    My plan for the cycle is as follows:

    wk 1-10 test cyp 200 mg wk
    wk 1-10 eq 300 mg wk

    clomid post cycle / arimidex if I start to bloat (doubt it with the low test)


    I am 6'4" 260lbs @ 15% bodyfat...

    I want to bust into the single digits BAD!!!!

    I plan on using the ECA stack throughout and I want to cut my calories back AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. How much will the AS I am using allow me to cut my cals (I want to eat about 2000-2500 cals a day so I can get a deficit of approximately 1500-2000 cals a day? I don't mind sacrificing some muscle but I don't want to lose it all

    I plan on moderate cardio 30-45 min 5 days wk and weights 5 days per wk (higher reps / no negs etc...)

    Thanks in advance everyone

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    I would adjust test to 500 mg wk and up eq to at least 400 mg/wk for 10 weeks like you said but Im on exact cycle adn im doing 600 mg eq and test200 a wk for 10 weeks then winny 100 mg ed week 8-13.GL

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    how many cals do you take per day now?

    if you dont know,start charting it,i know its a pain in the ass,but thats what it takes,figure out how many cals you take each day,then start to taper your total down,SLOWLY,you should shave 250 to 500 cals per week,while keepin your protien high,eat for protien,if you take your diet seriously you will be very pleased with your cycle,if you say fuck itim on gear i can eat what i want,you have set yourself up to be disapointed.
    diet 70%
    that should be your mantra,diet ,training,gear,IN THAT order.
    good luck

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    Thanks for the responses... But I am still confused...

    I know diet is a huge factor in attaining good results even with gear.

    My question is as follows:

    If I can eat about 3500 cals a day and maintain my weight... How little cals can I consume and still hold most of my muscle... I don't like the 500 cals a week defecit because there are 3500 cals in a lb of fat and I want to anihilate the fat quickly...

    I don't care about losing a little muscle but I don't want to do what I have done before (300lbs to 230lbs in 4 months and bench went from 225 X 30 reps 1st set to 225 X 0 reps...

    Hence, the question how will the AS help me retain muscle in a severly calorie restricted diet routine?

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