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    My gear froze is it still good??

    Hey i left my tren and sust in my car and whent away for two days i got back and its frozen in the amps and bottle is it still good if i let it thaw out also should i let it sit in hot water to speed the process or just let it happen slowly??? please help

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    my mate was geting test cyponate of a nother mate ov mine he sulpys quite alot ov people and his storage was his garage and it was frozen in 10ml bottles ..he just heated it in a warm cup ov water before injecting some does not completley turn bk 2 liquid but it semed 2 work wen the gear is injected i think it heats 2 ur body temp inside u...but if not sure get some more oppinions ..i say go for it at the worst ul might get a bad ass

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    Yes they are good to go... BUT DONT HEAT IT...let take room temp alone.With heat you can afect the molecular composition of youre stuff,trust me i was working for Wyeth pharmaceutical,iknow the proces....Good luck Bro.!

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    ..I would still float it in a cup of warm/hot (not boiling water)...I would do this to assure the hormone was fully in solution again..

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