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Thread: My nuts?!?!

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    GoinAllThaWay08 is offline New Member
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    Sep 2005

    My nuts?!?!

    There sore but there is a kinda solid lump there too it should i discontinue use or wut?

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    jermazz is offline New Member
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    Aug 2005
    discontinue use of what?

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    mr amp is offline Associate Member
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    Nov 2005
    it could b a syst .if it is atached 2 ur balls mostlikely a syst but if it is lose go and c a doc it could b something else just 2 catch it in the early stages so no need 4 any opps ..i only say this becouse i had and still have a syst there it was painfull but this was last year and i have no trouble with it it is half the size ov a pea.they will refer u 2 the hospital and u get jelly rubbed al over ur nutts ,its like a pregnancey scan they look at a moniter and tell u wats going on.......the onlway i would worrie is if u get a fat old nurse putting the jello on ...mine was alright slimbonde...good look an way

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