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Thread: gyno surgery

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    gyno surgery

    Kinda a werid first post, but i used to be a regular on this board just got out of the steroid game and forgot my username. Anyways i wanted to know if anyone had any expierence with gyno surgery. Ive searched but havnt found any posts about someone having the surgery themselves. What does it cost? recovery time? covered by insurance? Ive had this shit since puberty and im thinking of taking the dive into getting rid of it, though it hasnt been a huge problem cause i get cold easy and my nipples are almost always hard and its un noticable then, stll its a pain in the ass as you can guess.

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    i totally know what you mean, brother! i had the surgery done dec of 03 and there are definitely no regrets. my insurance covered it, mainly because i did my homework and found out that they HAD to cover it if it is painful, and if that's the case...then the pain was definitely there! otherwise it'd cost around $3k out of pocket. recovery time for me was about a month. when you go to the doctors tell them that you've delayed mentioning it in the past because you've been so humiliated by has been the cause of both psychological and phsyiscal pain in your life. if you have any more q's, feel free to PM me. Good luck!

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