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    cycle suggestions please

    ok guys,
    I'm mulling over my next cycle, so far it looks like following:
    wk 1-15 BD test Prop @ 150mg/EOD
    wk ?-? D-bol @ 20mg/day (2x/day @ 10mg)
    wk 1-12BD EQ @ 200mg/EOD

    Now I have heard that BD prop is a painful inject, would it be good to mix it with 0.5ml of B-12 for every 1.5ml of prop? Also, where would you place the D-bol and for how long? Obviously, pct will be in order with clomid/nova/liquidex/hcg , & possibly IGFlr3. I had zero shutdown last cycle(prop/EQ/var) with this pct. My goal is mass in this cycle, while keeping waterweight gain to a minimum with liquidex and nolva. Any feedback appreciated.


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    I haven't done D-Bol or EQ so I cannot answer that part but I tried mixing Prop with B-12 and didn't help at all. I guess because b12 is water based and prop is oil based so they don't mix.

    As I posted in the other thread recently, I can assure you that you won't have any noticeable pain if you inject in gluts. But I'd say don't inject in your calves/thighs before you try on your tri's. If you get pain from injecting in your tri's then forget about legs altogether because you cannot walk for a week or so.

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