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    Input Needed New Cycle Started

    I just started my first cycle of test 200, 1cc 2 days a week and 1 50mg of anadrol 5 days a week. I am 5'7'' 155lbs and i am 22 years old. I know i will not be able to keep all of my gains but will clomid help at all? I know nothing about clomid and would like to know more especially if they will help me keep my gains? If so how much would you guys recommend during this cycle?

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    Clomid for post cycle only bro. Clomid is only available in 50mg tabs except for a 25mg capsule by (Casen Labs). Do not buy loose my friend. Get in original foils only. Sounds like your jackin the MEX stuff. Ask your source for Omifin, with that said. Except to be robbed for 3-4 bucks a pop. That's the USA for you. But well worth the investment!!! Actually a necessity post oxymetholone treatment, IMO.

    20 days after last enanthante inject: Roughly in this fashion


    Day 1 250-300mg

    Day 2-Day 10 100mg

    Day 10-Day 18 50 mg

    If you are worried about suppression DURING the cycle, blast 2500IU HCG for three consecutive days MID CYCLE ONLY. That'll wake the jewels temporarily. Expect full recovery after 20 days of Clomid treatment.

    the P-X

    I would say this is unneccessary, IMO, however.

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    Thanks for the help man

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    use the clomid well worth it---will keep alot more of your gains

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