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    SUPERDROL 40mg a day to much??

    Ive done 3 cycles of steroids and gonna do a cycle of superdrol in between my bulking cycle and cutting cycle is 40 mg to much? And if i start my SD 1.5 months after my bulk cycle will the gains be less or the same if i waited longer do u think.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    I've never used it,but I have a friend at the gym who is trying it out right now.He's in week 2 at 30 mgs.He said the stuff sucks.He is a big guy(6'-2" 265)maybe he needs to up his dose?


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    yes 40 is too much for most watch out for the back pumps at that dose

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    Def. Too Much Sd. I Really Don't Think It Will Matter When You Start The Sd. It Seems To Be One Of The Top Pro Steroids On The Mrkt.

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