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    Can clen elevate temp this high ???

    On EOD of 250mg of Sus w/ anti e's. DOing 8 pills of Clen for a total of 160mg ED (1st timer). Tapered up like I was supposed & been there and done that with the test flu. My temp now ave. around 99.3-99.6. Which has me sweating something awful.

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    From everything I have read and experienced it should not raise your temp more than 3-4dregrees above your baseline temp. If you didn't get a baseline temp it might be good to find out houw to do a clen tolerance test and try that. I learned how to do it from BASSKILLER years ago. You might even find it on here somewhere. Your temp is not much higher than a 98.6 baseline so you should be ok, but I would try to get a baseline all the same.

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    thats less than 1 degree fluctuation, thats normal for many people even without clen .

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    it sounds about right. the medical field doesnt even recognize an elevated temp till it hits about 100.3

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