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    8weeks enough, or 10 weeks?

    I am at week 8 now and finished my deca and t400. I have test cyp on hand. Would it be better to extend my cycle to 10 weeks with 500 mg. cyp. or is it a waste? I have no deca to throw in though. Anyone?

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    The problem I think is that the cyp will take a while to get going, so there will be a flat spot when the deca is on its way out and the cyp is not yet on its way in

    Depening on when you finished your deca it might be an idea to include the cyp but personally I would be inclined to save it for the next cycle and make sure you have all you need to run 10 weeks if you want to try it. I usually like to do 10 weeks, since those last two weeks seems to give me something extra and noticable.

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