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    Question scheduled substance/controlled substance?

    First of all are scheduled substance and controlled substances the same thing? Also I heard if customs in the US sees that it is not a scheduled substance they will just let it through is this true? Are Clo, Clen , Nolv, t3 either a scheduled substance or controlled substances?

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    Clen , Clomid, Nolva, Arimdex are not scheduled substances. They are legal to import into the US.

    .....T 3 I do not know about.....(thinking it's illegal though)

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    .....T 3 I do not know about.....(thinking it's illegal though)
    T3 is not scheduled... it is prescription only, which makes it illegal to possess without a script (dont know to what extent though).
    You can only legally import a 30 day supply of non-scheduled drugs... any more, and they assume that you will be supplying others.

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    i know about being able to import a 30 day supply, but i never knew what was considered a days supply. is it 1 per day???

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    None of the drugs mentioned in this thread thus far are scheduled substances. However, they are all prescription drugs, which means that you do need a prescription in order to import them, even if they are over the counter in the country from which you imported them.

    Also, you are able to legally import a 90-day supply of any prescription drug (not 30 days). Senior citizens do this all the time since drug prices are cheaper outside the U.S.

    And you are able to import scheduled drugs, as long as you have a prescription. (I regularly bring back testosterone from Canada, as well as syrinegs and needles and other prescriptions, and I do declare them at the border. But as I'm doing so, you can bet that I'm handing copies of the prescriptions - from both U.S. and Canadian physicians - to the Customs agent. And I've never had a problem with this.)

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