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    Lightbulb Help with some Q's and Advice

    First question is what is the difference in T100 and T2, I know their test but what type is each, and why does T2 cost more? The reason this pissis me off is everyone that talks about roids where I live does nothing but mention shit about T2 and T100! please clear this up for me, its really annoying.

    Second Q
    This one is stupid too. but when buying say T100 or T2, do you pay all the $ for just 1 vial or are you paying for lots of vials? What I need to know is 1 vial of test what your paying for when they say I can get test for say $100, or is a cycle of test really cost like $500 dollors because you have to buy like 5 vials? Or are you paying the $100 for a couple of vials? Also how many weeks will 1 vial of test last if your injecting 500mg a week. If your not confused by what I just typed please help me out.

    3rd Q

    If I start my first cycle ever using say t100 and D-bol what types of anti's will I need and where can I find them, I know your supposed to take clomid like 50mg a day while on roids, am I right?

    these all might be stupid noob Q's, but please explain these to me.

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    I will do my best, the difference between t100 and t200 is the concentration im not familiar with the product but im guessing that one is 100mg an amp and the other is 200mg an amp, if it comes in a 10 ml vial then t100 is 100mg/ml and t200 is 200mg/ml thats why t200 is more expensive.

    Again that depens if you are talking about vials or amps a vial will contain 10 ml and an amp 1 ml.
    If they are vials and you are using 500mg a week for 10 weeks you will need 3 10 ml vials, if the 10 ml vials are $100 each that will cost you $300.

    20mg of nolva ED will suffice, you can find them here by clicking on the banner on the top right hand side of the screen.

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