Hey guys,
I'll recap where I am at.
I just started the seventh week of my cycle.

This is the bulk part of the cycle:
Dbol wk 1-4 50mg ED
EQ wk 1-15 400mg/wk
Sust: Week 1-2 500mg, Week 3-4 750mg, Week 5 1000mg, Week 6 750mg, and from here I plan to run 10wks straight at 1000mg/wk.
Deca wk 5-14 300mg/wk
GH 4IU ED, 5on 2 off, wk 1-18

I had to drop the sust dosage in week 6 becuase I was getting bad gyno and high novla doses didn't seem to be helping much. I have now got my hands on some letro. I am running it 1.25mg ED for this week to hopefully reverse the small lump on one side (some ppl have sucess! so I will see). I am also runnin 80mg Nolva ED for the remainder of the week until the letro kicks in. I really want to run 1g test/wk for the rest of the cycle and that most likely will be no problem running the letro. I was wondering what dosage should I run for the remainder of my cycle? I don't want to be completely dry (no bloat). But if necessary to control gyno I do not mind. I think once I am on the letro the estrogen levels will be significantly lower and I will not have to worry. Should I run a small dosage of nolva alongside the letro (10-20mg ED) if my letro doses arn't too high?

Previous cycles i have run up to 750mg/wk with minimal gyno problems (I just threw in some nolva).


Prop Wk16-26 75mg ED
Tren Wk 16-25 75mg ED
Anavar Wk 16-26 60mg ED
Winny possibly, but might be overkill