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    mg per dollar question dbol etc....

    when you buy a bottle of orals, say dbol , you can get them in different mgs (5,10,15 etc). But it costs the same correct? So if you are going to get 100 pills, wouldnt you be getting more for your money by getting the larger mg tabs and breaking them up (getting 10mg pill and splitting it to 5) or is splitting a pill like dbol a bad idea? Cause if I am going to buy 100 5mg pills for x amount, can i buy 100 15mg pills for the same x amount and in turn end up with more mgs total? I dont know if Im explaining myself correctly but hopefully someone can make some sense of this for me.

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    doesn;t cost the same, obviously the higher the strength the higher the price should be in thoery.......but it usually works out the highger the strength the cheaper it works out per miligram
    also by splitting it up there is no gurantee you are getting the thoeritical amount, who's to say the pill is evenly distrubuted.... im im not mistake ti's not a pure dbol pill there has to be fillers in it too.

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