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    Advice Please! Used 10ml of 30ml vial only.. still good?

    Hey.. I've been reading the boards for a while. Great site!

    Anyway, quick question.

    I have a bottle (vial) of Fina Gold, originally 30ml. I only used 10ml's of it from my last cycle (had 2 bottles). The top has a rubber top. I've left the vial alone for about 6 months, it has 20ml's left.

    SO, is it fine to use it after this time? I am assuming yes since the top is rubber, seems air tight, and there is no visible hole in it.

    Might be simple answer, just need some reassurance. Thanks.

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    yeah its fine.. its worse when its a 50ml vial and you got 10ml left there are tons of holes in the stopper.

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    Nov 2005
    Great, thanks for the quick reply.

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