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    im takin a cycle with d-ball deca 600mg a week and sus250 750mg a ? is when do i drop the deca and add in EQ and then start some clem so i can start 2 cut up some???????

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    Need more info, how long are you running the deca ?

    So I'll bump this

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    why are u running both?dont u have enogh ?what u have enough eq for 4 weeks and 4 deca ?well that wont work bro if thats the case,deca abd eq bothe take 3 weeks to kick in ,so if ur done with the deca 4 weeks thats when it kicks in the n another 3 weeks till the eq soon as its kicking in ur done !the esters are very similiar but the one wont pick up where the other will leave off .do one or the other or both for the 8 weeks.

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