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    Question AS muscle sparing effects while cutting

    Ok everybody,

    I know diet is the difference when cutting the fat. I am still confused though... Everyone says that AS can help you retain muscle as you diet. Almost anyone can diet slowly (1 or 2 lbs a week) and maintain most of their muscle without AS.

    Therefore, how much more can you cut calories on AS and still minimize muscle loss? (If I ate about 2000 calories a day for 10 weeks on the cycle below, would I be making a huge mistake?) I usually eat about 3500 - 4000 and maintain my weight...

    I am about to embark on the following cycle:

    wk 1-10 eq 300 mg
    wk 1-10 test enan 250 mg
    wk 1-10 ECA stack
    wk 1-10 45 min cardio 5 days / wk
    wk 1-10 weights 5 days / wk

    My stats: 6'4" 260lbs 15% bf

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    cut your carbs rather than your calories........Less carbs + cardio + diet = fat loss........keep your calories around 3000, up your protein around 350-400......This will keep you from losing muscle, but will help you lose the fat

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    I think you're cutting calories too much as well. 3000kcal a day - and ALL clean foods - with about 200g or less of it in the form of carbs. If this is your first cycle, you could more than likely gain a fair amount of size as well as lose a lot of fat off that.

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