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Thread: pros and cons

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    Question pros and cons

    So this was my 3rd cycle and things may be seeming to get out of hand
    little info first:
    Im 5'6", 210, 13.5% f.m., 26 yo
    So this cycle was run at:
    D-ball taper up to 50mg's ed, 1-6
    deca taper to 600mgs week, 1-8
    nolvadex 10mgs ed,4-6 (just a little parinoid)
    tren 40 mgs ed,6-10
    this is were Im at now and it continues to:
    win 50mgs ed, 8-12
    clen taper to .8 mgs ed, 10-? (cause its that time of year)
    of course hcg and clomid, but now I was wondering what would be the effects (pros and cons) of running some some EQ weeks 8-12 also for
    a even greater possibilty of severe definition, and cut?

    thanks all,

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    It take about 4 weeks for EQ to kick in so it wouldn't do you any good.


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