I'm hitting my fourth week of Fina 75mg's ED, Sust 500 week, and Will be tossing in winny at week 7 for 50mg's a day.

Here is one of my questions, My weight was at 202.5 (up from 180ish) last Friday. Today, for grins I jumped on my scale and I'm at 196, I'm 5'10". The weight fluctuation really doesn't bother me as I'm trying to trim some fat as well. What I'm curious about is the fact that I've been eating a pound of super lean beef, 3 shakes, and some straight protien powder and would have never guessed at 3500+- cal's that I would start dropping fat again. My diet wasn't up to par until this weekend, I was not eating enough. Is this why I started dropping weight again?

I was thinking water weight but I don't have much bloat at all accept in my face a little. LiquidX seems to be helping this. I am doing cardio everyday so I'm sure that helps too. Just curious how much everyone elses weight shifts during a cycle.

My carbs are 100-150, protien is 300ish, and who know about the fat...