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    Cycle Question Please Help

    I have a friend who has 4 vials of growth nutropin 30ius. He was thinking of spreading each vile out for 2 weeks. He also has 20 amps sust 250, 10 amps Omidron 250, 10cc bottle 300mg Deca , 10 100mg Primo amps, 2 bottles aratest 250 mg 10cc, 15cc finajet, and he wants to get mass and harden up, what is the ultimate combo? Also how do you recommend nolvadex and HCG fits in here-- What week should growth be put in, and what time of day is growth best to take


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    How many cycles does he under his belt? What are his stats?
    If its his first cycle then 250mg of sust or omna or aratest and 300mg of deca should do it, although I don’t believe in stacking on your first cycle, I grew off of 250mg of sust for 8 weeks. As far as the gh what is the mg? Do some research on HGH you should find allot of info.

    You really don’t need HCG unless you are doing more then 1 gram of test, and the Nova have on hand just in case.
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