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    letro during cycle

    well i am on my 3rd week of this cycle and i have been noticing my nipples gettin really sensitive and they are starting to look like fat boy nipples

    i have nolva and clomid on hand for pct but i read letro can be ran during the cycle an that its also verry good. I ordered a bottle of letro from ***** i just need some advice on cycling it

    week 1-4 30mg dbol /day
    week 1-12 500mg sust. split up 1 250mg inject twice a week
    week 1-10 400mg deca

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    whoooooooaaahhhh. hold the phone! GET ON SOME NOLVA during AND after your cycle. everyone has different ways of combating estrogen. my advice will be to jump on nolva at at least 60mg-80mg per day until the signs dissapate. You can also add letro in with the cycle, but i would stay with the nolva as a base. I take 200mg vitamin B6 instead of the letro, and it works farely well.

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    I would go ahead and use some of that nolva right now at 80ed for a few days then drop it back down and stay at 10mg throughout. You could run the letro at a small dosage like .25ed through the remainder of your cycle and through pct. Nolva is relatively easy to get ahold of through ARR also, I recommend you pick up some more.

    Oh and I didnt spot that deca , throw 200mg of B6 in there to be safe like legobricks said

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    Use 1.25mg eod, if you lose your sex drive go to e3d, if it doesn't go away and you still have gyno or puffyness use it ed. If the gyno is from the deca you need B-6, you'd know if it was from the deca, you'd be lactating


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