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    advantages/disadvantages betwee deca and eq

    my friend has run 2 cycles already. one with test c and deca and the other with sus and deca. he's looking to do a 3rd cycle and says he plans on running test c and deca at a higher dosage. well i keep telling him to join this forum cause he's retarded and knows nothing about pct and anti e's and refuses to buy them cause they cost too much and is a waste of time. i tried tellin him to incorrporate a new compound like EQ instead of running deca again and also maybe test e instead of test c. he thinks deca and eq are exactly the same compound and that the only difference is is that eq is weaker then deca. is this true?

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    lol im not telling :D
    eq sux and deca will make u big..
    there done

    only thing is EQ is so mild u have 0 sides "PRACTICALLY" but w/ deca u gotta watch the progesterone related sides

    i think tren vs Deca would be a much better idea of comparison

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    deca and eq are definitely not the same thing...they really aren't even comparable IMO

    there's no difference in enanthate and cypionate besides their ester's just a personal preference when choosing between the two.

    tell your friend to sign up here and research, because he's obviously not educated enough to be using steroids .

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    Tell your friend to get himself on the forum. Deca is nothing like EQ. Deca promotes more size, water retention and side effects IMO. If he is looking to put on as much size as possible then an increased dose of Deca is obviously the way to go.

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