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    Guys And gals,
    I am soon to start my second cycle around june 1 Was wondering about protein supplementation? am taking nitro tech now should i continue it on my cycle , or is there a better one out there and does it really work? have been using it only a short while. any help would be appreciated.. any testimonials of use would help... thanks

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    Protien is protien, I've used a lot of those hyped up protiens and come to the conclusion that a good CMF WPI is as good as it get, don't need the extra stuff. For a slow/fast moving protien I go with a 50/50 casein and CMF WPI. Check , you can order any mix you want of protien, they do custom orders.

    If your juicen you don't all the stuff they say will give steriod like effects.


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    i agree with johnny b,
    proteinfactory will blend up exactly what you want and feel you need for your protein requirements, however..........
    if you can afford and want to continue the nitro, by all means do so. its a good product, but way overpriced imho. there are plenty of good protein blends out there at 1/2 the cost of the nitrotech. and a shameless plug for allsportsnutition............their prices are very good, and product range is fantastic.

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