i recently had to stop a cycle short because of a serious back injury..however its been a little over 2 weeks and my back seems to be recovering very strong. heres what my cycle consisted of

weeks 1-3 test prop 50 mg ED
weeks 1-15 test E 500 mg per week 2 shots a week Mon (morning ) and Thur
weeks 1-8 Tren 50mg ED
weeks 1-15 EQ 400mg per week
weeks 15-17 test Prop 50mg ED

i only got to 3.5 weeks in, however if my back is fine and i can start training soon, is it even worth going through PCT if im going to try and start a new cycle soon? i havent started pct yet, im scheduled to start in a week, then was planning on running pct for a month, then begin a new cycle (or continue what i had try to run), whats the way to go? should i even start PCT or just start training again and start a new cycle soon which would probably consist of deca and test E?