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    Ligh dosing is the best choice-Opinion and Exper

    Well, I have posted something but i think it was ignored, never mind.

    I 'v wrote there, my dosage of Only-oral cycle, and It was the best for me and for my buddies in the gym!

    I started as followed there, but ignore that its my first cycle after 1 year natural building. I have started my cycle since 10 days and I also used the mirror for measuring my gains, and guess what! no fucking water and no shit! pure noticable gains not only with me, but also with 5 of my buddies.
    This seems logically acceptable, the half-life of the dbol is is between 3 and 5 hours, and a dose of 5mg every 8 hours, and one before working out let your body get the most out of your dose without hearting the liver and giving the liver safer values,again with no water retention, due to the light dose.
    finally , this is an opinion based on logic and experiment, try it and you'll always be in the safe side.


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    Welcome to AR

    I just did a very similar experiment on myself and came to similar conclusions. I did 4 weeks and made some noticable (But un-weighed) gains which are still with me.

    I took my DBol all in the AM since as you say the halflife is very short and it seemed to work well. There are I think several others trying this at the moment so we should get a fair idea how its works when we get some more results. (We have to allow that WE may be the odd ones out here! Others may not get on so well with it)

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    Re: Ligh dosing is the best choice-Opinion and Exper

    Originally posted by renegade2002
    Well, I have posted something but i think it was ignored, never mind.

    I 'v wrote there, my dosage of Only-oral cycle, and It was the best for me and for my buddies in the gym!
    Why an oral only cycle?

    Who ever said that you would not see gains fron a dbol only cycle?

    I'm still unsure exactly what it is you're trying to say.

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    There is some researching that says 100mg of d-ball in AM will help maintain gains but not affect recovery of HTPA, now i think 100mg is bit of over kill, but does seem to work. I would say 30-50mg in AM would be more than enough.

    Also i know a few guys who used d-ball right up to and including day of show, so not everyone gets superbloated on d-ball

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    You are 10 days into your cycle and you see something in the mirror--that's hardly proof. It COULD well be the muscles are retaining water--that makes them look bigger.

    If, post-cycle you keep your strength and your gains, then you have some proof.

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    yeah eye_candy, I gathered that some do indeed take dbol right up to and then throughout the post-cycle clomid/'dex therapy and are recovering just as well as without it in terms of natural test production, but the recovery is even better in terms of keeping weight gains.

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    wonderful world of oz,where juice is free,plentiful,sterile, and not toxic to the liver
    i agree ajax,tons of people say over and over that they gained 20 pounds pure muscle no water,that is during week 8,what they dont realize is that hard earned pure muscle is not lost during that mysterious week twelve. that is water weight that you lost,not muscle weight,if you are still eating right and training hard then you will keep the majority of your gains,however,a d-bol cycle with no water gains,that is b.s. you have built a lil muscle but majority is water.

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