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    tren with prop ?'s

    i want to start my third cycle in the near future. I deffinately want to run tren acetate and prop. i have never run tren before and want to make sure i do things correctly. Number one i deffinately cant afford to get gyno, so what anti e should i use overall? cabergoline(dostinex) seems to be the most common, and do i need to run nolva for the prop and dost for the tren. also if anyone wouldnt mind pm'ing me a research site where i can get dostinex that would be greatly appreciated. Number two i prefer only to shoot in the quads and glutes, because i have experimented with delt and pec shots b4 with negative reprocussion. So basically i want to know what dose of each i could run for eight weeks given the above dosage constraint, in order to avoid an abcess due to too much oil in one place. btw I'm 6'0 tall and right around 232 at 15% body fat(hydrostatically tested). All comments/advice is appreciated, thank you.

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    run some ldex and nolva ... you should be good wiith that

    u could run the prop for 10wks at 75-100mg ED
    and the tren for like 8 at 50-75mg ED

    i would shoot the quads,glutes,pecs,and delts .... the pecs are such an easy spot to hit ... virtually painless (at least for me it was)

    make sure u have a good number of injection sites so u dont build up some serious scar tissue

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    yeah, you def need to inject more sites than quads/glutes..i just tried prop, and it makes me pretty sore, but it's not that bad in the problem w delt shots is sometimes my chest cramps up on the arm that im reaching around to shoot with...just go in at 90 degrees, shoot a little oil onto the pin, and aspirate should be fine

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