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    First time cycle

    I am fairly new to the message board and have a few questions.
    I have a half a cycle Deca 300, 70 Ttokkyo Dbols, and 50 clenbuteral,
    I'm 23, 5'9 170, and have been working out for a good 3 years. I need help on how to cycle this. I know its an akward amount of each, but I'm splitting the Deca. I'm also getting clomids for the post cycle. This is my first cycle. Also what kind of gains should I see with this cycle? My max bench is 225.

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    never start a cycle until you have enough =\
    also where is the clomid??

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    you need more dbol and deca and clomid
    use clen after cycle

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    You need more everything. What are yout goals?

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    Gains vary from person to person. With proper diet and training there's no reason you shouldn't gain a good 20 + lbs.

    Here's what you do, don't worry about getting the rest of your gear, use up what you have and the day before you need more gear, run around trying to get it!

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