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    Androil opinions for a starter

    Im 18 yrs old dont want to take anything extreme. I was wondering if andriol (since im told it is a relatively safe & mild sreroid) would be good to take on my own?

    Will it shut down my natural test?

    Will it create estrogen problems after cycle?

    My stats are

    Body weight 201
    height 5'9"
    body fat 12-13 %
    bench 305
    squat 465
    power clean 310


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    To be out in the front of all the stuff that you are to young etc..

    You found the forum, so you can find the steroids if you want to, and you are going to use them if you want to.... so.. better be supportive

    Yes, Andriol will lower your own test levels. And it's expensive. and you need to take a lot of it (10 to 15 caps per day) and the test levels differ per day. and it's expensive.
    Most ppl will say it's Sh!t. as your test levels will go up and down, as some days the andriol works better then others. Did I mention it's expensive?

    On the other hand, it's mild, does not effect your own test levels in a way test-e does, and, if used over a 8 to 10 weeks period, your gains are sure better then they would be training natural.
    But compared to test-e, maybe 25 to 50%

    I prefer to use it with anavar (Oxandrolone) as it is a mild steroid also, and it does make a nice stack.

    Always do PCT with Clomid or Tamoxifen

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