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Thread: E.q

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    i'm thinking of using 200mg/week of e.q for the first 5 weeks of my cycle then increase the dosage to 400mg/week for the remaining 5 weeks of the cyce. this is due to the availability of e.q i have on my this advisable?i'm also including test and d.bol in my cycle.all your help and advises will be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't start a cycle till u have all of your gear on hand... 200mg of eq wld be a waste....

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    200 mg of EQ is worthless, not enough to do shit. Minimum 400mg/wk for AT LEAST 10 WKS. If you cant do that then hold off until you can get another bottle.

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    Eq needs to be run with a base. It also needs to be run long and hard. IMO at least 600 mgs a week. You could run Test at a low dose say 250 mg /ew and EQ at 400-600. That might work

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