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    bros need some advice

    OK so i have been tossing around the idea of running cycle # 3 now for a month (i actually had it all planned out way sooner but i didn;t look at the calendar, will explain...) anyway i had planned on running a test E/Deca /dbol cycle. Thing is i am goin to be going into the fire academy in mar, so this would put my cycle somewhere in the middle of it. Academy goes mon-fri 9-5... my thing is im thinking is that poeple cycle with 9-5 jobs and it works out for them so i dont see why i coudlnt; do my proposed cycle. I will have off from december here until that time so im not real worreid about then, more so about the acadmey itself. My guess is it will overlap about 3 weeks into it.. with those 3 weeks being PCT. I can always pack a cooler and utilize protein shakes as well. Im sure we will get time throughtout the day for breaks and what have you. Im just looking for any opinions on this from you guys. i really want to run this like i said i have been planning it for well since my last cycle last fall...
    thanks for any input

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    bro that doesnt sound like a really hard cycle to do with a 9-5 job ion comparison to ed injects. I think it really shouldnt prevent a problem. The only challenge i see if in ur pct and keeping your gains. A change in lifestyle always affects other areas of your life so figuring out how to eat and when to eat while at work can present complications like you said. I would look into meals that keep in coolers and figure out a days worth of meals and such.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    Go for it bro.....GET BIG...DIE BIG!!!


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