i started a cycle of anabolicx's phera plex four days ago and i have a really irritated scalp covered by what my girlfriend says are little whiteheads (obviously i cant see the top of my scalp). however, they dont feel like zits, they sorta burn.

prior aas experience is one cycle with superdrol, where i experienced some very moderate hair loss (even though i dont think im headed for the kevin spacey hairline someday). however, i experienced the same scalp tingling on superdrol, only to a much less pronounced extent (probably due to the fact that superdrol is about 1/5 as androgenic as phera plex is).

i stopped the phera yesterday (day 4) and i still have the "zits," if thats what they are, on my scalp. however, despite the fact that the zits spread a little, my scalp is no longer red and doesnt burn. now it only itches from the zits.

is this acne due or is this from dht? if i am doing a 5 week cycle (3 weeks phera, 3 weeks superdrol with one week overlapping), how bad could it get?

i am using nizoral, and azelaic (spiro is at my parents house and i was gonna pick it up tomorrow if i continue the cycle), but i stopped using the azelaic so is it possible the azelaic was irritating my skin?

im going to puerto rico in 3 weeks, and really have to continue to take either superdrol or phera. but, and its a big but, i am in my second year of law school and i have finals beginning on tuesday. when i was on superdrol i got really loopy and lethargic (loopy to the pt where i left my keys in the ignition with my car running when i went to the mall for about 45 minutes) and i have to be mentally sharp or else.

i appreciate u guys helping me out. i've been reading these boards for quite some time, although my home is bb.com. however, i havent gotten any concrete responses on bb so i now turn to the REAL pros.

reps will be given to those who respond (lol, its my first post).