ok fellas im am a new poser however i have a buddy that gets on here a lot for advise. i am looking to improve my draft status from where i was in hs (baseball) i am just finishing my first cycle of BD's Andropen and like what i have gained. for the summer i am thinking of going really basic with 20cc's of test depot and 200-10/mg winny tabs....over a ten week cycle.. right now i am a 6'3" 225lb first basemen....my build is one that is very unbalanced, i have huge legs with a very lanky upper body...i squat 550 but only bench about 230.....what im looking for is to fill out my chest and arms so i appear balanced and become more powerful up top...anyways i was hoping that someone could tell me what i should expect and if 20 cc's is too much....it would really help if i could get some educated answers as i know a little about the sauce but nowhere near what some of yall do....if there is something that will suit me better please feel free to explain...thanks