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Thread: Fat!!

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    Lightbulb Fat!!

    Hey bros,

    Just wondering what stuff over the counter is good to use for fat burning (rapid weight loss), looking to lose some weight quicker for the holidays, let me know of any products that are good over the counter...Thanks bros.......


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    I use hydroxcut myself but I don't think that there is any quick fix to losing weight/fat that comes in a pill form.

    I use hydroxcut and Alcar three times per day and I have seen great changes in the past 4 weeks.

    You can do some major changing in your body compazition in a short time with clean diet and hard cardio.


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    Lipodrine with ephedra-but it's not cheap. My fatass wife takes it and has lost 40lbs, but she is starting to gain it back because she wont listen. She won't eat right or workout properly. An artificial aid is just that-and relying on it alone to get to your goals is a bunch of BS IMO. Nothing breaks apart a fatass like eating right, and training properly-which includes cardio.

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    never tried it myself but i hear REDLINE works well....

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    Thanks bros......never heard of lipodrine with ephedra but will look into it....


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