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    A Cycle's Effect on My Gutt.....

    I am about to start my first cycle and I got to thinking. I am 6'6" X 280 X 20% BF. My cycle will be stictly oral D-Bol as well as clen . I have a big gutt and I carry a lot of weight in that area. No matter how much cario and dieting I do, it is always a constant. If I work out that area very hard while on my cycle, what can I expect? Will my gutt get bigger and more rounded? Will I shed some weight there so the muscles will show? I know everyone's bodies are different, I just want to what others have experienced with this.
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    D-bol by itself sucks bro. You need to stack that shit with something else to get some gains. Since it is your first cycle, you need to do some more research. D-bol will make you more bloated and it is necessarly not used for cutting. If you want to get cut and decrease your bodyfat, try some winstrol with test. For your post cycle, do clen and t3. This will drop your bodyfat significantly.
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    yep, get some test and eq

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    wonderful world of oz,where juice is free,plentiful,sterile, and not toxic to the liver
    nutrition will drop that gut,learn how to eat right and you'll be golden

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    Re: A Cycle's Effect on My Gutt.....

    Originally posted by samsneed
    No matter how much cario and dieting I do, it is always a constant.
    Sorry, I don't buy that. If you work out and diet, you WILL lose weight and get in shape. Look harder at your diet and workout; get that fixed first.

    Until then, stay away from steroids . They are not a miracle drug. They will help your progress if you are on the right track--and yu admit that you are not.

    Besides, if you still think a Dbol -only cycle is a good idea, you haven't done enough research on steroids.
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    EXACTLY WHAT AJAX SAID... with an addition...

    MAY I MAKE THIS POINT... Are you gluten intolerant? If you are it is like putting normal feul in a 2 stoke engine.. you will FUCK IT UP.

    Dont think because the "healthy food Pyramid" and the Milk ads say, that Pasta and Milk are good for you. Sure for some people they are fab. For some NOT SO GOOD.

    Gluten, Lactose and Sugar in tolerances ARE VERY COMMON.

    You would feel bloated etc if you are gluten intolerant. Learn what works for you. Try eating Gluten free( BIG LIFE STYLE CHANGE). Get tested for alegies to foods, (and not by some FUCK WIT Dr.) go to a kinesiologist. Some one more natural. Fix your diet and miracles will happen.

    Unless you monitor corrrectly than you are just guessing. You can not find and correct issues that may be affecting your weight loss.

    DONT BE A FOOL... get educated.. and think outside the mainstream media and the circle you live in.

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