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    Clenbuterol / Clen and Benadryl

    Has anyone tried a different way of taking Benadryl with there straight through 6-10 week cycle of clen ? I was thinking maybe a small dosage every other day or a regular dose every 3 days. I don't want to take benadryl too much if it inhibits any results. Should I just stick to every 3rd week? or does it not matter? I just want the clen to have a strong effect throughout the full 6-10 weeks.

    I am in my 2nd week and see decent results. I took benadryl 3 days this week to help me sleep at night because of the fact that i have finals and what not. I don't want this to effect my taking of benadryl a week straight on my 3rd week.Yeah like a dumbshi7, I started clen a week ago and this week is finals week, you should see my hand writing on my essays cause of shaking, it's terrible, cause its sloppy and my hand cramps up right away for some reason.

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    #1 need to be taking taurine 3-5gms/day to avoid that, along with lots of water. My understanding of the clen use is that the benedryl will keep the receptors active another week or so, not indefinitely, so use the clen 2 wks, then 1 wk with bene, then 1, preferrably 2 weeks off....repeat

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