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    Adding Clomid To Pct Your Thoughts

    Merry christmas bros. I hope all is going well with you and your families this season. Maybe we all can our diet cheat day be that christmas dinner and get stuffed.

    I am preparing for my next cycle and I always keep nolvadex on hand just case and I use hcg afterward/ This time I thought I would try clomid, specifically the liquid preparation that they sell here on 'Research'. I wanted a little feed back on this as far as dosing and how to incorporate it.

    Also is there a difference in taking clomid in a tablet versus a liquid form?

    thanks alot , happy holidays

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    Depends on what is being ran in the cycle. But I use Clomid for all my PCT. I run PCT for at least 30 days, more if I feel I need too.

    Day 1 - 30 Clomid 100mg / Nolva 20mg / L-dex .25mg

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