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    All these bodyfat questions.

    It seems like there are a lot of questions about which steroids "burn off bodyfat" or get you "ripped" the best lately. Steroids in and of themselves do not really affect bodyfat very much. What happens is that as you diet down to single digit bodyfat, this is a stress to your body and the cortisol rises in your system as a response to this stress. Steroids serve 2 functions while dieting: 1. The anabolic /androgenic molecules block the effects of cortisol while dieting so that the lower calories eat away the fat but not the muscle. The anabolic hormones occupy the receptors on the muscle so that you maintain your muscle while dieting. As most know, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism, so as your metabolism stays high you lose bodyfat and little or no muscle if using anabolic compounds. By using steroids, one could get to 6-7 percent bodyfat. To get lower, one would add T3 or T4 so that their thyroid did not slow down, they maintained all their muscle and lost all their fat even through EXTREME dieting that some bodybuilders do. However all this talk about which anabolics "burn fat the best" really is not understanding how steroids work in aiding someone in losing bodyfat. Steroids aren't magic beans that rip away bodyfat. They have certain functions that allow one to go beyond their genetic potential but it still comes down to really hard dieting and self discipline if you want to be SHREDDED.

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    It's true most steroids will do nothing to cut or help cut down bodyfat. But they will increase LBM so in away yes they will help lower the users bodyfat as they put on muscle.

    There are only a few compounds I have used that actually do help cut fat: Tren , Anavar , IGF, and HGH...... these are just the ones I have used and seemed to lower my bf.

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