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Thread: 2 week cycle

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    2 week cycle

    I know most of you guys only do long cycles, but I could do with some advice on this short cycle.
    A bit of background about me: I've just had a knee operation and had 2 weeks off training and now I can only properly train upper body and 1 leg (I'm doing the physio exercises for the bad leg). Since my op 3 weeks ago I've lost 10lb from 185 to 175, the majority of which is lean mass - I have low bf% measured at 8% with calipers - and I plan to do a 2 week cycle to put on what I have already lost and prevent more atrophy. I would do a longer cycle but I am due to have the final operation on my knee (an ACL replacement) in 5 weeks time and I want to be clean by then. I've done two full 8 week cycles in the past 2 years and did a couple of primo/4-AD cycles before that.

    This is my cycle:
    Test prop 100mg EOD for 14 days with 300mg on day 1
    Winstrol tabs 35mg ED for 14 days
    Clomid 50mg ED for 5 weeks starting on day 1

    I'll also take the usual multivits, vit E, Udo's and milk thistle.
    I'm not predisposed to gyno so do you think the Clomid could wait until the start of week 4 when the test prop will have cleared and then run it for 3 weeks? Or will running Clomid from the start help prevent gonadal shutdown and thus recovery - I was under the impression that this amount of juice would completely shut down the production of natural test so I might just run it for 3 weeks from week 4. N.B I also have HCG on hand.
    And the dosages? Works out to 900mg test prop with 245mg Winnie in week 1, then 700 test prop with 245mg Winnie in week 2. I have made good gains on 500mg test and 25mg d-bol for 8 weeks and obviously don't want to take too much at the risk of increasing sides with only a negligible increase in gains. Thanks in advance for any comments. AnimalHungry.

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    In a cold dark hole in total isolation.
    I dont think this is gonna work man,doses are up there but I dont believe its gonna kick in when you want. Your gonna go for another surgery in 5 weeks and the gear may effect the anethesia and if you do gain your gonna lose it again!With a blown knee the cycle may cause more damage.
    If It was me I,d wait and chill out until that knee is better Bro.,Then go for a better cycle of maybe d-ball and test to build up your mass again.
    Go d-ball 35-40mgs E.D. for first 4 weeks
    400mgs test enanth.for 10 weeks
    Maybe throw in some EQ.
    Hope this helps.

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    bro just wait this wont work maybe like 5 lbs by week three but your only gonna suppress hpta pretty much for no reason wait and hit a heavy cycle you receptors will be fresh and your gains will be sick.if u this one then hit again your gains will notbe as good,besides after your second surgery ull loose it again wont ya ?just eat liek a hog asn take your sups.

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    big n is right suppression will be worse than gains made

    do at least 6-8 weeks after next surgery

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    Cheers for the comments. As hard as it is for me to do this (I'm wasting away here!!!!) I'm gonna wait until I've had the second op and then do a decent cycle. I'll let you know what I'm gonna do and then post my results. AnimalHungry.

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